For the first time, the award-winning Shadow Empire series is now available on DVD. Learn how the unlikely story of an emperor who changed the world continues to impact your life today! 

In this series, Shawn Boonstra travels to Serbia, Italy and Turkey to make history come alive and reveal little-known details about Constantine and religious liberty.

Sharing with Friends and Family Has Never Been Easier!

This all-new kit has everything you need to get the most out of this series:

  1. Two program DVDs containing the four-part documentary (30 minutes each) hosted by Shawn Boonstra:
    • The Rise of the Early Church
    • The Persecution of the Church
    • A Marriage of Church and State
    • Constantine's Christianity
  2. Bonus Videos: Four accompanying Bible studies hosted by Jean Boonstra
  3. One Shadow Emperor book
  4. Two sets of accompanying Bible studies
  5. Viewing and sharing instructions, and much more!

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